Why a new site?

  “Due to some recent changes in personnel we thought it would be a great time to start fresh.  Not only did we redesign the site but we eliminated a lot of content that was just overkill.

That’s right, we had to take a dose of our own medicine and think about you, the user.  If you came to the earlier site, you probably noticed a lot of fluff and humor.  Fluff and humor is fine, for a blog, but not for our pages addressing the kind of work we provide clients.  I guess you could say the new site is the grown up version of who we are. WE ARE HUMAN HABITS.

What does being Human Habits mean?

It means we are here to provide an easy entry point for businesses to improve their online presence.  We build websites, produce videos, create digital marketing campaigns, and assist clients in getting larger audiences on Social Media.  More importantly, we are trustworthy partners.  

We didn’t invent the kind of work we do, and honestly, companies that do what we do are a dime a dozen… we are not a dime a dozen.  We Are Human Habits we come up with new and creative ideas, tell beautiful stories across multiple mediums and provide stellar service.  


  Mickey Miller”