Simply put,

We make videos.  We build websites and interactive applications.  We create content.

When the content is done being created, we then share that content with targeted audiences.
Finally, we measure the performance of our little creations to report back to you.

We leverage our knowledge of modern technology to help you tell your story.

This is our story.

  • Once Upon a Time... I went to Iraq...
  • ... and Cuba.
  • When I returned I decided to form a creative company.
  • We did social media and made short films.
  • We utilized every talent we had...
  • ... and every space we had...
  • ... to create content.
  • We won some awards.
  • We hired a director of technology.
  • He was also a creative.
  • We bought a business phone to look professional.
  • We joined our creative partners in an amazing Southside collective.
  • We mingled with clients and friends.
  • Thought about a lot things in our director's chair.
  • We left Southside and opened a gallery.
  • Many beautiful things transpired.
  • Moved to the strip.
  • Molly became a principle.
  • She added class and sophistication to Human Habits.
  • Started cutting audio.
  • Continued editing.
  • Got "Tough".
  • We continued to make films, websites, and build online marketing campaigns.
  • Realized, "Hey, we are a real business." And we grew into the people we are today.

We are only as good as our community. Our clients, partners, employees and contractors are all family… it’s just the way we do business.


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2124 Penn Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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